Richard Allan began his landscaping career over 20 years ago working for a number of  landscaping companies in England before  setting up his own  business in the south east of England. He worked for a time  running a small estate with 6 acres of formal gardens in a local village to immerse himself in the growing seasons and to hone his understanding of planting techniques and styles before returning to his passion of designing and creating  unique, useful gardens.
A B O U T  U S
Richard has been landscaping for 25 years and  has now left his landscaping mark on four continents, including Europe, Australia, Central America and  now, in Washburn, Wi,  North America, where Latitudes is located.
Contact us: 715 209 0005.
North America
Having created gardens in so many varied places it seemed only fitting to choose a name to reflect  this quality of landscaping experience.